Activating the Desire WithinPersuasion skills

Would you like to convince more people to buy from you? They will if you demonstrate an understanding of what they want.

A purchase is a selfish act. The needs of the audience takes priority. Their desires, beliefs and habits. The same things that ultimately persuades them to buy from you.

It’s simply a process of activating the desires already within the person making the decision.

It only seems like magic. We work hard to learn everything possible about your audience and then reflect it back to them in the context of your product or service.

Persuasion is often confused with coercion. That’s the opposite of persuasion. When you want to persuade someone, you must work within the perspective of the prospect.

Shouting at prospects or trying to trick them will be detected and rejected.

How do you learn the desires and values of the prospect? Study them. Study them. Understand them. You’ll know you’re ready to persuade when you empathize with them.

Marketing is hard work. Figuring out the touch points that mean the most to your customers isn’t easy. It often takes experimentation and practice. But the rewards are great.

There’s a lot of money on the line. You have every right to choose who will help on your next project – all we’re saying is the ability to persuade makes a big difference.

It’s better to get all the money on the table.

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