Everyone knows about social media websites. What do these Internet assets mean for your business? Very few businesses are using these powerful tools to their full  potential.

Like everything else in business, social media marketing requires a plan, a method of operation and measurement.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Below are the most fundamental of considerations for social media marketing campaigns. The answers may be as simple or sophisticated as you deem necessary, but all are important.

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Goals and Objectives – A good strategy always starts with definable goals and objectives. Who do you want to reach and to what effect?

Content Types – What type of content is best suited for each chosen channel? What percentage will be informational, promotional, how-to, inspirational or humorous?

Building the Network – If your company was a person, what kind of friends would it want? Who would your company listen to and want to associate with?

Measurement – How will you measure results? Engagement is the core purpose of social media, so keep a close eye on the amount and quality of engagement with your audiences.

Social Media Monitoring – It’s vital that you know what topics relative to your industry concern your audiences most and how to address them. Know what is being said about your company too.

Social Media Persona Profile ™

SEMPro developed the Social Media Persona Profile ™ as an operational guide to social media marketing campaigns. Think of it as editorial guidelines developed from the answers of the above questions that are organized into an operational guide for daily execution.

Maintaining consistency across all channels and being likable are two key considerations for social media marketing. The Social Media Persona Profile is a reliable guide to win social media acceptance and success.

Build Better Social Media Campaigns

Having a social media presence is no longer an option for businesses serious about marketing. Even simple social media engagement yields the following:

  • Improved organic ranking in search engines
  • Reaching audiences otherwise inaccessible except through consistent advertising
  • Increased credibility and visibility
  • Uncovers market opportunities

Call us today to discuss how your social media campaigns can improve your bottom line. Your audiences are out there and they are talking about your products and services. Help the experience be the best it can be.

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