Messaging is one of the most misunderstood concept in marketing. That’s ironic, because we experience it every day of our lives.

64264875_messagingMessaging is a series of feature/benefit and value statements designed to influence audience members. The goal of the messaging can be anything from the purchase of a product or service to obtaining a political voter’s support. We use messaging to sell products and services, influence public opinion, obtain political support and most importantly for branding.

Our Messaging Matrix™ Keeps Your Message Clear and On Track

Our founder invented the Messaging Matrix™ to help writers and producers stay on track when creating marketing materials. Consistency is the first order of business when it comes to creating a brand that people can rely on. Our Messaging Matrix™ ensures consistency across all communication channels and noticeably improves the user experience at your website.

Just using the Messaging Matrix™ to rewrite the copy on a webpage improves page performance. In one instance, a page rewritten with clear and concise messaging doubled traffic sent from organic searches, and increased return visitors by a factor of five.  Conversions doubled.

Most importantly, our Messaging Matrix™ is a deliverable asset for your company. You can use it for years to come and apply it to new products and services as they arise.

Three Times to Be Noticed

Did you know that it takes a person three instances to hear or read a value proposition before it rises to active consciousness? That’s why you’ll hear repeated phrases on television and radio commercials. It’s also the reason for repeating commercials over time. Consistency is hard to achieve over time and across channels unless you have a tool like the Messaging Matrix™.

Our writers weave the same messaging repeatedly and consistently throughout the website so people remember you and your value propositions without the technique becoming so obvious that it’s resisted. It works like magic!

Get Noticed Today

Isn’t it time that your messaging was actually noticed and remembered? It’s not possible to win any marketing contest without it. If you do nothing more than improve your messaging and consistently apply it, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in sales. Contact us now and we’ll show you how we can help.