Is Your Automated Marketing Strategy Working Well?

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Marketing Strategy in the Age of Automation

The age of automation has made many aspects of marketing much easier, but it has also led to some god-awful marketing.

There have to be some rules in place to avoid making terrible mistakes. The article below is a good example of setting up the paramaters, but I’ll simplify it a bit below.

marketing strategy 3-Point Health Check for Your Marketing Strategy – Business 2 Community Tue, 27 Dec 2016 00:39:34 GMT

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So if you’ve read the poste article, you’ll find my automation rules are very similar, but there is a difference. The article makes no reference to a master strategy or the categories that are similarly found in a strategy, e.g., email marketing, LinkedIn Posts, etc.

I set up categories so when I review a list of proposed automated posts ahead of their publication, I can determine whether or not the post or communication is appropriate. I can also cross-check to make sure it’s not duplicative. My three rules for the posts are:

  • Solve Problems and Provide Value
  • Keep it Simple
  • Reinforce; Never Repeat

The main differences are in my insistence on solving problems and reinforcement. There are important psychological reasons for these nuances.

You can only solve a problem if you understand the problem. Demonstrating to your prospects that you understand their problem is crucial to gaining trust and being liked by them. Those two factors lead to sales.

The second issue of reinforcement is another slightly nuanced concept. The referenced article underlines the importance of not being repetitive, and that is important. But there’s nothing wrong with reinforcing concepts with varied approaches to the topic. In fact, reinforcement is key to having the concept recalled by the prospect.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure you don’t bore – or worse, annoy – your prospects. They are the key to good customer relationship management too. Best of all, they’re easy to implement in any sized organization.

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