Business marketing is about making connections with people. That’s where we start.

1. Understand the Human Being

Too often business marketers forget about the human beings that decide the fate of their businesses. Some never bother to learn about the human being at all. That’s a terrible mistake. Below is a sampling of the questions we must answer before we begin a marketing campaign:

  • What is the real or perceived problem or “friction point” the product or service addresses?
  • Why is it a problem? Why does it need to be addressed?
  • Does this problem give rise to other problems?
  • How is the audience addressing the problem now?
  • What does the audience know or perceive about your company/product/service?

Most purchase decisions are primarily based upon emotion and justified with facts and logic. Understanding the emotional and practical underpinnings of the demand for your product or service is absolutely imperative. We start with the basic “needs category” your product or service satisfies, and refine from there.

2. Understand Your Competitors 

After doing your audience analysis above, we’re ready to compare how well or poorly the competition has addressed the audience’s needs relative to each product or service.  We can tell what’s working or not working for each competitor. Among the indicators we’re looking for are:

  • What needs has the competition missed?
  • What needs do they address that we don’t have?
  • What opportunities or weaknesses do they have in their on-page SEO?
  • What ads have they been running for what keywords?
  • How are they positioning their products or services in the marketplace?

The online market is very much like a battlefield for a space in the prospect’s mind, and we’re prepared to do battle with every weapon available. Once we understand the audiences and how our competitors are serving them, we’re ready to create your messaging to establish a distinctive place in the marketplace.

3. Meet Your Customers on Their Terms

After the first two steps above have been completed, we’re ready to create messaging that directly meets the needs of the audience while favorably comparing against the offerings of your competitors. Some of the elements of good messaging include:

  • Unique Sales Proposition
  • Features and Benefits
  • Tag line(s)
  • Positioning Strategy and Messaging

We then monitor results to fine-tune the messaging based on what’s working. The results can be absolutely stunning. It’s not unusual for us to see 200 – 300 percent improvements in some page activity. One client jumped in the organic search results by four pages in as many days from the fifth page to the first.

Customers will reward you with years of faithful patronage when they believe you know and like them – it’s it makes you more likeable too. Once past that hurdle, you’re in the clear for multiple sales as long as your business messaging is reinforced.

Call us today to find out more about how to approach the Internet market. You’ll always get straight talk from us at SEMPro, and our results will be in the numbers. Get started now. Delay only plays to the advantage of your competition. Beat them to the game.