The first people you must know are your customers. Then you need to know who your prospective customers are. Accurate audience analysis will tell you both.

Audience-AnalysisSounds simple enough, but there are likely to be multiple audiences within each category, and even more subset audiences within each audience. Suddenly it gets pretty complicated. Traditional audience analysis tools such as demographics and psychographics still apply, but the digital age has brought forth a more granular method of research – keyword research. Knowing how to accurately assess the intent behind keyword searches is both art and science.

Accurate audience analysis is absolutely critical to create messaging that resonates with your audiences. Once that happens, your credibility soars above the crowd.

Refined Keyword Research

There are a many ways people enter keywords into search engines. Some enter the solution to a problem they’re having. Others describe the problem. There are six identified methods that most searches fit into, but defining which is which is where the science of audience analysis becomes the art.

Knowing the intent behind the query saves money by not investing precious ad dollars on people who are not your customers.

After 14 years in this business, we can tell by the order of the words and the words used who the most likely customers are. There’s nothing sadder when we take over an account to discover that the ad budget has been wasted on people researching the topic and clearly not interested in buying.

Ongoing Audience Analysis

Once visitors start coming in, the real audience analysis begins. We’ll quickly learn which keywords and websites are bringing in the wrong people and shut them out. We’ll follow visitors through the site and noting the order of pages will tell us where they are in the buying funnel. Then we’ll refine the campaign, the ads and the placements to get the most for every dollar spent.

How well do you know your audiences? You might be surprised at how much more there is to learn and at all the reasons they have to buy from you. Making the most of that is the road to true success. Call us now and we’ll be happy to give you a free analysis of your campaign keywords.

See Your Customers in a New Way

We’ll show you your customers as they see themselves. They will tell you what they need and how you can sell to them. All you have to do is let us show you what they’re telling us. Contact us today.